Race Issues in America 1930-2000

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Race Issues in America 1930-2000
1 The American Southerners wanted to keep slavery because the southern whites depended on the black slaves to work on the cotton, tobacco and sugar plantations
1.1 The Jim Crow laws were that segregation continued and black Americans weren't allowed to vote
1.1.1 Some examples of segregation were buses, trains and hospitals
1.1.2 Black Americans in the South were prevented from voting, which included making them pay a poll tax or making them pass a literacy test
1.2 The Ku Klux Klan discriminated against black Americans and anybody who wasn't a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) they acted on their beliefs because they wanted a master race
1.2.1 Was so widespread that most of the south was predominantly racist and prejudiced.
1.2.2 Groups against the KKK were those who weren't a WASP so would've been people like black Americans, Jews, immigrants, homosexuals and communists
2 Difficult to stop lynching because the police and juries were involved in the KKK and if the members were identified and arrested, the KKK would brutally beat the "snitch"
3 The NAACP campaigned for the rights of black American's using peaceful protests.
3.1 It aimed to:
3.1.1 Abolish segregation
3.1.2 End lynchings
3.1.3 Get black votes
3.1.4 Get equal education opportunities
3.2 Many moved to the North because they had better rights and ways of life

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