Religious Attitudes to the Rich + Poor

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Religious Attitudes to the Rich + Poor
1 Do we have a moral obligation to give to the poor?
1.1 Yes
1.1.1 Equality
1.1.2 The Golden Rule Treat others how you would wish to be treated
1.1.3 Influenced by society/others Otherwise labelled as selfish
1.1.4 Emotive influence Donating to children or disaster victims
1.1.5 Excess money should be used in the right way
1.1.6 Recognizing others need help
1.2 No
1.2.1 Some people may not deserve it
1.2.2 People have the right to decide what they do with their money if they have worked hard for it
1.2.3 Some people are not in a position to give money
1.2.4 Does not have to be giving of money
1.2.5 No legal requirement, only conscience
2 Islam
2.1 Zakah
2.1.1 Compulsary
2.1.2 Form of Ibadah (worship)
2.1.3 2.5% of salary to charity Only if the person is at a certain level of wealth
2.1.4 Reduces inequality
2.1.5 How is it Spent? Rescue + Restoration in Disaster Zones Food, Shelter, Clothing for the poor Relieves people's debts Creates jobs + educates people
2.1.6 Should be given to people in need
2.2 Views on Wealth
2.2.1 Frown upon accumulating wealth "O Allah inflict a loss on the person who withholds his money" - Muhammad
2.2.2 The wealthier you are, the mre generous you are expected to be Sadaqah is expected "An ignorant man who is generous is dearer to Allah than a worshipper who is miserly"
2.2.3 Believe that gambling and wasting money is morally wrong
3 Christianity
3.1 10 commandments
3.1.1 Respect
3.2 God believes everyone is equal
3.3 Give to the poor to emulate Jesus' example
3.3.1 Shows agape/compassion
3.4 'Treat thy neighbour as thyself'
3.5 Attitude towards the rich
3.5.1 Parable of the Rich Fool "Those who pile up riches for themselves are not rich in God's eyes" Spiritual Riches>Material Riches "A Treasure in heaven that will not be exhausted" -Luke12:33
3.5.2 People should aim to be selfless and help others if they are able to, rather than keep money for themselves.
3.5.3 "For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" Timothy 6:10
4 Buddhism
4.1 Helping the poor
4.1.1 Shows Karuna
4.1.2 Following the 8-fold path
4.1.3 To become enlightened
4.1.4 To show metta
4.1.5 Produces good Karma
4.1.6 Shows Ahimsa ( reducing suffering of others)
4.2 Beliefs about wealth
4.2.1 Shun Material Possessions Monks/ Nuns have None
4.2.2 Attachment to items can prevent enlightenment "Do not be attached to power or wealth"- the Dhammapada 84, 89
4.2.3 Must not desire more than they already have "Not in great wealth is there contentment...but in the extinction of craving is joy to be found
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