General Systems Theory

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teoria general de sistemas

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General Systems Theory
1 what is general system
1.1 A model of set of interrelated principles and concepts that explains an organizations complex entities
1.1.1 every part of an organization refers to the other in a certain way and within when you find these relationships makes the complexity of an organization that helps draw out so you can find your business such as for business can find their processes more easily and can identify areas that need to maintain and it can be updated in the system more than the general systems theory is that it is a general
1.2 general systems theory is extremely generic and can be applicable to many different fields
1.2.1 as shown in the image, the solar system is part of a system that is astronomical star and can not really difficult to define without physical implying
2 history of general systems theory
2.1 over time, systems theorists were trying to develop a theory that explained all system across all fields
2.2 in 1936, Ludwig von bertanlanffy developed the general systems theory to solve this problem
2.3 the theory was further debeloped by ross ashby en 1995
3 biografy
3.1 biografy of bertalanffy
3.1.1 born in September 1990, Australia began a philosophy of science and biology, wrote a famous book on general systems theory, also published model of individual growth and died in Buffalo New York in 1972
3.2 biography of ashby
3.2.1 robert ashby born in 1903 on September 6 in london, study and became a Doctor of the University of Cambridge who was a president of a society in general systems research, it was known that influenced the general theory cibernatica and represent and died in 1972 complete systems and their image of a
4 general systems theory extends several cases, I'll show all different types of systems and concepts
4.1 system envirorment boundary
4.2 input
4.3 process
4.4 state
4.5 hlerarchy
4.6 goal directedness
4.7 information
5 how is GST Relevant to us?
5.1 as mentioned before the general systems theory encompasses all disciplines that utilize systems
5.2 as time and technology has evolved, there has been great emphasis on information systems
5.3 many organizations such as IBM and texas intruments rely on this theory to help their business run efficiently
6 a system of basic information is covered when working in an organization where there are several departments work such as accounting, human resources etc. where there is a good system will allow a good flow of information
7 the objective of network security includes protection of information and property from theit, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accesible and productive to its intended users
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