My Training Path

Grecia Patricia Hernández Juárez
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Grecia Patricia Hernández Juárez
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This is my training path, they are some free access courses available on webpages as Coursera, Open Yale, Open MIT, Khan Academy, and Future Leran to keep updated on the financial field.

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My Training Path
  1. Financial Markets
    1. This couse intoduces the financial bases, managmment of risk and behavior of financial services as banks. insurances, and securities.
      1. Available at Open Yale
    2. Financial Theory
      1. Thhis course explains the financial system apart from the whole economy concept.
        1. Available at Open Yale
      2. Inflation
        1. This course provides the explanation about Inflation, real scenarios as well as money performance through time (profitability), and the concept of deflation.
          1. Available at KhanAcademy
        2. Interest and Debts
          1. This course explains the function of the credit cards and the interest rates, it shows who to calculate it and manage it in our debts.
            1. Available at KhanAcademy
          2. Essentials of Corporate finance
            1. This specialization provides a perfect undestanding of corporate finance also it explains the creation fo value on global markets.
              1. Available at Coursera
            2. Finanance Fumnamentals: Managing the Household Balance Sheet
              1. On this course we will learn how to differentiate the debts as good or bad ones to borrow money. After analyzing the types of debts, we see the cost of buing or selling properties as houses as well as the risk that involves. It also provides the explanation of mortages to acquire a property.
                1. Available at FutureLearn
              2. Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance
                1. Introduction and examples of the mathematical concepts for the financial industry
                  1. Available at Open MIT
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