Reactions of Alkenes

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Reactions of Alkenes
1 Electrophilic addition
1.1 electrophiles attack the double bond and are added to the carbon.
1.2 electrophiles are electron pair acceptors so they are normally positive
1.2.1 ions like H+ or NO2+
1.2.2 delta positive part of a molecule
1.3 double bond is nucleophilic (wants to donate electrons)
2 Bromine water test for alkenes
2.1 Shake with bromine water and the solution turns colourless
2.2 Electrophilic addition, as the delta positive bromine is attacked by the double bond
3 With hydrogen halides
3.1 electrophilic addition reaction
3.2 when it is an unsymmetrical alkene, two products are made
3.2.1 higher carbocation = more stable = more likely
4 with water and sulphuric acid catalyst
4.1 electrophilic addition with the sulphuric acid
4.1.1 hydrolysed to form an alcohol and the sulphuric acid is regenerated
5 Steam hydration
5.1 300 degrees, 60 atm, phosphoric acid catalyst
5.2 reversible reaction with low yield
5.2.1 ethene gas recycled to increase yield
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