General Systems Theory

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luis alberto
Created by luis alberto over 2 years ago
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General Systems Theory
1 what is?
1.1 A model of set of interrelated princicples and concepts that explains an organizations complex entities.
1.1.1 extremely generic and can be applicable to many different fields
2 developed by Ludwing von Bertanlanffy, in 1936
2.1 further developed by Ross Ashby in 1955
2.1.1 Ashby born in Sept 6, 1903 in London. He studied and become a doctor at Cambridge University. Was widely influential in Cybernetics, Systems Theory, and complex systems. He died in 1972.
2.2 Bertalanffy born in Sept 19, 1901 in Austria. He studied philosophy of science and biology. He died in Buffalo NY in 1972
3 facts
3.1 exposed
3.2 work together with their environment
3.3 the same concepts and principles of organizations underlie different disciplines providing a basis for their unification
3.4 System concepts
3.4.1 system environment boundary
3.4.2 input
3.4.3 output
3.4.4 process
3.4.5 state
3.4.6 hierarchy
3.4.7 goal directedness
3.4.8 information
4 relevance
4.1 the GST encompasses all disciplines that utilize systems
4.2 as time and technology has evolved, there has been great emphasis on information systems
4.3 many organizations rely on this theory to help their business run efficiently
5 Information system
5.1 network security system