Irish Immigration

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Irish Immigration
1 Many Irish peoples emigrated seasonally to Scotland to do farming.
2 High rents and poverty caused Irish people to migrate.
3 Irish workers were willing to work for low wages that even the highlanders wouldn't accept.
4 Many Irish people were skilled textile workers.
5 By 1830, 30,000 Irish people had emigrated to Glasgow.
6 Irish people were willing to do the dirty/unpleasant jobs that nobody wanted to do e.g. cess pit cleaners, navvies, etc.
7 The Irish Potato Famine (1940s) caused one million of Irish people to die of starvation and another million to emigrate.
7.1 By 1848, the rate of Irish people emigrating to Glasgow was 1000 a week.
8 By 1861, 7% of Scotland's population was Irish (3% was English)

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