B1.1 Keeping Healthy (Diet)

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B1.1 Keeping Healthy (Diet)
1 Contains: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, vitamins and minerals & Water
2 Malnourished: Not having a balanced diet. Can cause being overweight/underweight and having defficiency diseases such as type 2 diabetes
3 Excersise increases the amount of energy expended by the body
3.1 Body mass is lost if the amount of energy expended by the body is more than the energy taken in
4 The Metabolic Rate is the rate at which chemical processes happen in the body
4.1 Varies with gender, height and age, inherited factors, the ratio of muscle to fat and how much physical activity the person does
4.1.1 Cholesterol is made naturally in the liver. Inherited factors & Diet can affect how much cholesterol is produced.
5 Healthy Diet
5.1 Eat less animal products
5.1.1 Eat less salt Eat more fruit & vegetables Exercise regularly
5.2 Reduces Risk of:
5.2.1 Type 2 Diabetes Osteoarthritis Several Types of Cancer Stroke
6 No Carbohydrate Diets
6.1 Benefits:
6.1.1 Quick Weight Loss in short term Easy Weight Loss Still able to eat foods cut out of others e.g. Sausages & Cheese
6.2 Problems:
6.2.1 Proteins store fat in lack of carbs Not a balanced diet High intake of protein puts strain on kidneys Drastic Change causes negative effect on body
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