How do the geomorphological processes operate to form river features in the River Darent?

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How do the geomorphological processes operate to form river features in the River Darent?
1 Deposition
1.1 Occurs when the river loses energy and is unable to transport large loads
1.2 As river energy decreases the carry load falls and large particles are deposited before anything else
2 Erosion
2.1 Abrasion
2.1.1 The load (sand, shingle, boulders etc.) is carried in the water and rubs against the river bed and bank and wear them down
2.2 Attrition
2.2.1 Movement of river makes laod crash together so sharp edges are broken down and become more rounded and smaller
2.3 Solution
2.3.1 Rocks dissolved by acidic water
2.4 Hydraulic Action
2.4.1 Air present in gaps is trapped and compressed by prerssure of water. Over time pressure increases and weakens the rock, eventually breaking it
3 Transportation
3.1 Traction
3.1.1 The largest rocks roll along the bed by the force of the water
3.2 Suspension
3.2.1 Silt and clay are supported within the water
3.3 Saltation
3.3.1 Sand and pebbles bounce along the bed
3.4 Solution
3.4.1 Minerals dissolved in water are carried in the water flow
4 Human Intervention
4.1 Water Mills produced energy
4.1.1 Paper Mills, e.g. Horton Kirby Paper Mill
4.1.2 Flour Mills, e.g. Longford Mill
4.2 Transport
4.3 Water companies
5 Climates (last 30 year average)
5.1 Rainfall
5.1.1 571mm
5.2 Weather
5.2.1 Max Temp - 22.2°C
5.2.2 Min Temp - 6.7°C
5.2.3 Sunshine Hours 1600
6 Size
6.1 Length
6.1.1 21 Miles long
7 Geology
7.1 Chalk
7.2 Green Sand
7.3 Clay
8 River Features (see below)
9 Geomorphological Processes - the study of landforms and the processes that form them
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