"It was a pleasure to burn"

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"It was a pleasure to burn"
1 Guy Montag
1.1 He was against for burning the books.


  • He was against to burn the books
1.1.1 He was saving all the books he takes from all the houses to his house and save them in the fan He met Clarisse and both liked to talk each other He was hiding a book under his pillow, and he didn't want Captain Beatty discover him He pretends to be sick because of the routine
2 Mildred Montag
2.1 She drank sleeping pills and she overdose
2.1.1 She talks to the T.V and she thinks her family was on it She didn't want to have kids, because she didn't want to have any responsibility She uses seashells to always be connected and listen to music and the radio She just want Guy Montag goes to work besides he was sick
3 Clarisse McClellan
3.1 She likes nature and see the sunrise
3.1.1 She was afraid of people of her same age She met Guy Montag and she asked him many questions A car hit her She was a 17 years and beautiful girl
4 Captain Beatty
4.1 He smokes a cigarette in Guy's house
4.1.1 He was in favor in burning the books He is the captain of the firestation He goes to visit Guy because he was sick and gives him the day off He thinks that if the burn books, people will be happier
5 Yu Pak
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