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DD307 video clip 1 phenomenological perspective

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  1. Ontology
    1. Lived experience
      1. Dasein - being there
      2. People have no fixed core /essence
        1. Rather - come into existence through their actions in the world
        2. Heavily influenced by existentialist philosophy
          1. Heidegger
            1. Sartre
              1. Merleau Ponty
            2. Methodology
              1. Qualitative
                1. Analyse people's perception of the world focusing on that experience
                  1. Accepts the ambiguity of lived experience
                    1. Seeks to recognise & reflect complexity of experiences
                  2. Methods
                    1. Data collection of lived experience via 1st person accounts/interviews/literary sources
                      1. Phenomenological analysis
                        1. Epoché
                          1. Role of researcher acknowledged reflexively and reflected as influence on findings
                            1. Systematic identification of themes with emphasis on lived experience producing rich detail
                          2. Unit of analysis
                            1. Elicits detailed description of life experience
                              1. Analyse & develop ideas producing vivid & detailed accounts of experience
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