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1 geography
1.1 border: West/East
1.1.1 SU sees as defense
2 Key Characters
2.1 Lech Walesa
2.1.1 electrician
2.1.2 founder of Solidarity
2.1.3 mustache
2.2 Pope John Paul II
2.2.1 From Poland
2.2.2 supporter of Solidarity So Communists hate him
3 Life Under Communism (Pre Revolution)
3.1 Secret Police
3.2 Limited media
3.3 Constitution
3.4 USSR's puppet
3.5 Tensions Rise
3.5.1 Food Prices Rise 1st protest: Gdansk 80 shot/beaten Walesa Asks Govt for Martyrs of Gdansk Communists: "NO" Walesa gets active 30,000 pamphlets Solidarnosc (Solidarity) formed in 1980 17,000 workers strike 21 Postulates issued Polish Communist govt gives in...for a bit Membership explodes: 1 to 9 million
4 Things Heat up
4.1 Solidarity legal until...
4.1.1 Dec 1981 (Merry Christmas!) new management (i.e. stronger Communist/USSR tied govt) Walesa in prison until 1983 Upon release: continues work 'underground' 1983-1988 World Media Picks UP Nobel Peace Prize 1983 Had to send wife (afraid Poland wouldn't let him back in!) Margaret Thatcher (UK) endorses UK and US pressure Poland: no loans unless Solidarity recognized Pope JP actively discusses Poland Goes to Poland and meets with Walesa Gets support from US trade unions
4.2 Gorbachev says he won't defend Communism in satellite states with force (see note upper right)


  • The handout says 1981...but Gorbi didn't take office until 1985, so there seems to be an error here...careful
4.3 Civic Committee formed
4.3.1 OK, I am unclear on what this group is and why it was formed...
4.4 Round Table Talks Feb-April 1989
4.4.1 Communists giving in to talks Why? Economic weakness of Poland Building pressure from the West (esp UK and US Agreements Solidarity Legalized Again Strikes legal Independent judiciary Free market Economy Free elections with Senate re-established Solidarity Sweep Election Walesa Pres 1990 Mazowiecki formed first government from 1989
5 Impact of the Polish Revolution on the Cold War
5.1 Poland: The Catalyst for
5.1.1 Hungary
5.1.2 E. Germany Lech invited to break down part of Berlin Wall
5.1.3 Czechoslovakia
6 Was this Revolution a Success of Failure?
6.1 +
6.1.1 democratic now
6.1.2 personal freedoms
6.1.3 mostly non-violent
6.1.4 Standard of Living better
6.2 -
6.2.1 some deaths/injuries during revolution
6.2.2 Solidarity itself sort of toothless now