How and Why was the Boer War Fought?

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How and Why was the Boer War Fought?
1 Colonisation
1.1 Dutch settlers arrived and eventually drove off Bantu tribes.
1.2 During the Napoleonic Wars, the British seized the Cape. British settlers now joined the Dutch.
1.3 1833; British abolished slavery. Boers resented this.
1.4 Boers set off north as did the British.
1.4.1 British annexed north east province, now known as Natal.
1.4.2 Boers created two states beyond British frontiers. Orange Free State The Transvaal State
2 Zulu Wars
2.1 Sir Alfred Bartel wanted to 'tidy up' British rule
2.1.1 He wanted to federate Cape Province, Natal, Transvaal and Orange Free State
2.2 Entire British regiment wiped out at Isandhlwana
2.3 Shortage of screwdrivers and ammunition boxes led to the Zulu's being able to break to South Wales Borders.
2.4 Zulu's defeated at the Battle of Ulundi; 4th July 1879.
3 First Boer War
3.1 Boers demanded their independence back now Zulu threat was removed.
3.2 Liberal Government under Gladstone conceited to demands.
3.3 Boers had already inflicted defeat against 400 British soldiers
4 Gold
4.1 1886; Gold discovered in Transvaal
4.1.1 British capital invested there
4.2 British immigrants (know was Uitlanders) complained about taxes, wages and the fact they had no political rights.
4.2.1 Uitlanders and mine owners preferred Imperial rule.
4.2.2 Tom Edgar was murdered by a Boer which made tensions worse.
4.2.3 Sir Alfred Milner put pressure on Kruger to make reforms. Milner was just looking for an excuse to be able to take over the Transvaal.
4.3 Arguably the cause of the war. British felt threatened by Transvaal.

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