Biology B27-29

Molly Munyard
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GCSE Science (Biology) Mind Map on Biology B27-29, created by Molly Munyard on 03/15/2014.

Molly Munyard
Created by Molly Munyard over 5 years ago
Key Biology Definitions/Terms
jane zulu
Plant and animal cells
B3- Science. Cells, Genes and Enzymes.
Psychology Research Methods
A2 Geography-Biodiversity under threat
Key Biology Definitions/Terms
Key Biology Definitions/Terms
Biology -B2
Sian Griffiths
The Digestive System
Biology -B2
Biology B27-29
1 GM crops
1.1 Selectively breeding plants
1.2 Examples
1.2.1 Tomatoes, Potatoes, Squash, Papaya Resistant to pests Fewer chemicals used risk of killing insects is reduced Resistant to mould fungus
1.2.2 Golden rice Contains vitamin A Reduces the number of people in developing countries going blind No extra cost
1.2.3 Tomatoes and melon Longer shelf life Ripening is delayed More flavour
2 Concerns about GM crops
2.1 Interfering with nature
2.1.1 but humans are also nature and we harness them to meet our needs
2.2 GM crops were banned in Zambia in 2003
2.2.1 Led to wide spread famine
2.3 golden rice was tested for allergies to vitamin A
2.3.1 Carrots were never tested and neither were many other non GM crops
2.4 Many non-GM crops do not cause health problems because they contain a lot of saturated fat and salt
2.4.1 Saturated fat and salt are clearly linked to heart disease and cancer (35% of all cancers are diet-related
3 Classification
3.1 Living things are put into groups which make them easier to be studied
3.1.1 Grouping process=clasification Observe Characteristics (features) Similarities and differences many similarities=same group Many differences=different groups
3.2 Kingdoms
3.2.1 placed in major groups called kingdoms.E.g. plant, animal, microbe
3.2.2 Each kingdom=different characteristics.E.g. plant-make their own food by photosynthesis, Animals-Made of many cells, microbes-small
3.3 Variation to suit habitats
3.3.1 My look very different but may be the same species.E.g.arctic fox and fennec fox Different habitats
3.3.2 May share features but are not closely related.E.g. Dolphin and shark Same habitat

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