History of Physics

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Shortly descrption of the hystory of the physic

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History of Physics
  1. Since ancient times people have tried to understand the nature and the phenomena observed therein: the passing of the seasons, the movement of bodies and stars, etc.
    1. The first explanations were based on philosophical considerations and without performing experimental verifications, this non-existent concept at the time.
    2. In the sixteenth century Galileo pioneered the use of experiments to validate theories of physics. He became interested in the movement of the stars and bodies. Using the telescope observed that Jupiter had satellites revolving around it.
      1. In the seventeenth century Newton (1687) made the classical laws of dynamics (Newton's laws) and the law of universal gravitation of Newton.
        1. From the eighteenth century the development of other disciplines such as thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and physics of fluids occurs.
          1. In the nineteenth century they produced fundamental advances in electricity and magnetism.
            1. A finales de este siglo se producen los primeros descubrimientos sobre radiactividad dando comienzo el campo de la física nuclear. En 1897 Thomson descubrió el electrón.
            2. Siglo XX
              1. 1904 the first model of the atom was proposed.
                1. 1905 Einstein formulated the theory special relativity
                  1. 1915 Einstein extended the theory Special Relativity formulated Theory general relativity, which replaces the Law of Gravitation Newton
                    1. 1911 Rutherford deduced the existence of a positively charged atomic nucleus from experiences of particle dispersion.
                      1. 1925 Heisenberg y en 1926 Schrödinger y Dirac formularon la Mecánica cuántica,
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