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digital video manual

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  1. A video is a recording of images or technology that was captured by a camera and specific sounds catched with microphone and visual media .
    1. Analog is a video signal transferred and a moving visual images
      1. Digital video is a representation of moving visual images
        1. the digital video the image is complete independent, and analog depends on the quality of the video tape player and the colors
          1. AVI – Audio Video Interleave ASF – Advanced Systems Format MOV or QT – QuickTime AVCHD – Advanced Video Coding, High Definition FLV or SWF – Flash Video MPG – MPEG Video Fil MP4 – MPEG-4 Video File WMV – Windows Media Video H.264 DivX – DivX-encoded Movie
            1. formats
              1. A media player is a computer program for playing multimedia files like videos movies and music.
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