El Bronx: The living hell at the heart ofBogotá

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El Bronx: The living hell at the heart ofBogotá

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El Bronx: The living hell at the heart ofBogotá
  1. it was the most dangerous area in bogota
    1. located in "LA CANDELARIA", "SAN VICTORINO"
    2. El Bronx operative
      1. more than 2.000 police officers
        1. commanded by General Hoover Penilla
          1. the elite of the national police
          2. it was completely barricaded with 24-hour security presence
          3. was found
            1. elements used for satanic rituals
              1. a dried snake
                1. skulls
                  1. mask
                  2. in the buildings operated the famous "casas de pique" and torture rooms
                    1. bars
                      1. buildings used for sex trafficking and prostitution
                        1. tunnels used for escape
                          1. tons of trashand and dirt, dead animals, rats etc.
                          2. around 3.000 indigents
                            1. 1.900 from them are now in rehabilitation
                              1. addicted to heroin and crack
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