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,y digital video cool

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Digital video
1 Kind of video
1.1 Digital video
1.1.1 MOV
1.1.2 WMV
1.1.3 FLV
1.1.4 AVI
1.1.5 MPEG-4
2 Analog
3 What is a video?
3.1 It are a series of images that there are caught by a chamber, which happen for a process of production and edition. Refers to recording, manipulating, and displaying moving images, especially in a format that can be presented on a television.
4 What are the format of the digital video?
4.1 A file format is the structure in which information is stored (encoded) in a computer file. When dealing with video, a large amount of data is required to depict a video signal accurately, this information is often compressed and written into a container file.
5 What are the software for playing digital video ?
5.1 Audio and video formats are a dime a dozen (and then some). However, despite the sheer amount of available formats currently littering the Web and your computer, finding a quality media player to launch that digital copy of Mad Max you just picked up is not always easy, especially if you’re looking for easy-to-use software that touts rich features instead of an expensive price tag.
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