A college education

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Do we need it?

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A college education
1 College is too expensive
2 It is relatively restricting when it comes to learning and teaching
3 Everything you would want to learn from College is available online for free
4 The pressure of getting good grades might hinder actual learning
5 You might not get a job
6 Teachers will be unemployed
7 You might not even study, even though it is free.
7.1 You'd be extremely laid back
8 You will not make the kind of friends you otherwise would, in college
9 You do not get the kind of networking opportunities that you do, in college
9.1 You can't join clubs and organization that help you build relationships and skills
9.1.1 Mainly student run, college organizations
10 It is a taboo
11 There is no specific timeline withing which you need to finish your education.
11.1 You can finish faster than in 4 years and be more efficient in what you do in life
11.1.1 You really don't need half of the things you learn in college. Real learning is hands on learning.
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