Topic 6. Disease

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Mind Map of Topic 6 (Reading & Writing)

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Topic 6. Disease
1 Distinguishing fact from opinion
1.1 Fact
1.1.1 Can be prove, measured, observed or shown by numbers and statistics
1.2 Opinion
1.2.1 Use of adjectives to express a personal point of view Concessions Dependent clauses Although. though, even though... Express and support an opinion
2 Thesis statement
2.1 Introductory paragraph of an essay
2.1.1 Where are you taking the reader Explaining the main topic
3 Use of...
3.1 Commas
3.1.1 Separating elements
3.1.2 Express introductions
3.1.3 Connect 2 independent clauses
3.1.4 Set of parenthetical elements
3.1.5 Set off quoted elements
3.1.6 Phrases that contrast
3.1.7 Separate coordinate adjectives
3.1.8 Between city and state, month and date, etc
3.2 Colons
3.2.1 Before lists or explanations
3.2.2 Separate an independent clause from a quotation
3.3 Dashes
3.3.1 Phone numbers
3.3.2 A break or when time hasn´t ended
3.3.3 Dates
4 Passive Modals
4.1 Should
4.1.1 Advice or recommendations
4.2 Can
4.2.1 Ability
4.3 Could
4.3.1 Possibility
4.4 May/ Might
4.4.1 Present or future
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