The Sand Creek Massacre

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GCSE History (American West) Mind Map on The Sand Creek Massacre, created by livmills97 on 03/18/2014.

Created by livmills97 over 5 years ago
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The Sand Creek Massacre
1 Happened on the 29th of November 1864.
2 Colonel Chivington was a hardliner (wants to kill all Indians).
3 Colonel Chivington's famous saying - "Nits Breed lice"
4 Chivington ignored the peace offers from Black Kettle.
5 Attacked at dawn and killed at least 163 Cheyennes of whom 110 were women and children.
6 Indians were killed and their bodies were mutilated.
7 Prisoners were shown to white theatre audiences with the scalps of their dead.
8 The massacre was not welcomed by the East.
9 Chivington left the army to avoid a court martial.
10 Black Kettle managed to escaped the massacre.
11 Consequences of Sand Creek
11.1 Indians went on the war path and attacked more settlers.
11.2 Hostilities spread Eastwards.

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