D.A.F.O.R.E.S.T Is an Acronym (E.g A.W.O.L)

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D.A.F.O.R.E.S.T Is an Acronym (E.g A.W.O.L)
  1. Direct Message


    • Direct Message
    1. Relating subject with their lives.
      1. Example
        1. We all know how great the college canteen is and how delicious the food taste.
      2. Look for use of pronouns - You, We, She,They,Us,It
        1. Makes reader care about subject
        2. Alliteration
          1. Closely connected words
            1. Draws attention to key words that intend to impact audience
              1. Example
                1. Peter Piper Picked a Pick of Picker Peppers
              2. Reinforce message
              3. Facts
                1. Statement that can be proved true
                  1. Example
                    1. One person dies every 6 seconds from tobacco related disease
                  2. Used to persuade reader
                    1. Add weight to an argument
                    2. Opinion
                      1. Writers personalised ideas about. A subject
                        1. Look for use of Adjectives
                          1. Used to persuade writers view is right way
                            1. Example
                              1. I am the best person in the world!
                          2. Rhetorical Question
                            1. Question doesn't require answer
                              1. Used to make reader think how they want to answer
                                1. Creates relationship with audience
                                  1. Example
                                    1. Can my day get any worse
                                2. Emotive Language
                                  1. Language packed with emotion
                                    1. Close to readers heart
                                      1. Playing with feelings
                                        1. Used to make reader feel - guilty, brave etc....
                                        2. Simile
                                          1. Comparison between two things using Like or As
                                            1. Adds detail to description
                                              1. Metaphors
                                                1. Two things were one thing is something different
                                                  1. Example
                                                    1. My mum IS A teddy bear
                                                2. Example
                                                  1. As tall AS A giraffe
                                                3. Triplets or the power of Three
                                                  1. List of three words or ideas
                                                    1. Example
                                                      1. Blood, sweat, tears
                                                        1. Three blind mice
                                                          1. Rock, paper, scissors
                                                        2. Adds detail to a description
                                                          1. People process in patterns
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