Atoms and Reactions

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Created by janeva over 6 years ago
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Atoms and Reactions
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Atoms and Reactions
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Atoms and Reactions
1 Atomic Structure
1.1 Proton
1.1.1 Mass=1.0
1.1.2 Charge= 1+
1.2 Neutron
1.2.1 Mass= 1/2000
1.2.2 Charge=0
1.3 Electron
1.3.1 Mass= 1.0
1.3.2 Charge= 1-
1.4 Definitions


  • Mass num,ber is thenumber of particles in thenucleus
  • Atomic number is the number of proton in the nuclus of an atom
  • Isotopes are atons of the same element with different numbers of neutrons
  • An ion is a positively or negatively charges atom or group of atoms
2 Atomic masses
2.1 Definitions


  • Relative formula mass is the weighter mean mass of a formula unit compared with 1/12 of the mass of an atom of carbon-12
  • Relativs atomic mass is the weighter mean mass of an atom of an element compared with 1/12 if the mass of an atom of carbon-12
  • Relative iotopic mass is the mass of an atom of an isotope compared with 1/12 of the mass of an atom of carbon-12
  • Relative molecular mass is thr weighter mean mass of a molecule compared with 1/12the mass of an atom of carbon-12
2.2 Relative atomic mass
2.2.1 Ar(Br)= [(53x79)+(47x81)]/100=79.94
3 Amount of Substance and Mole
3.1 Definitions


  • Amount of substance is the quantity whose unit is the mole. (Counting atoms)
  • The Avogadro constant is the number of aoms per mole of the carbon-12 isotope
  • A mole is the amount of any substance containing as many particles as there are carbon atoms in exacly 12g of carbon-12 isotope
  • Molar mass is the mass per mole of a substance. The units of molar mass are gmol-1

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