Critical Literacy

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Critical Literacy
  1. refers to
    1. The use of communication media to analyze, critique, and transform the norms, rules, and practices governing society.
    2. is an
      1. overtly political orientation to teaching and learning.
      2. focused on
        1. The uses of literacy for social justice in marginalized communities.
        2. involves
          1. both redistributive and recognitive social justice.
          2. has an explicit aim
            1. of the critique and transformation of
              1. dominant ideologies
                1. cultures
                  1. economies
                    1. institutions
                      1. political systems
                    2. as a practical approach to curriculum
                      1. it melds
                        1. social, political and cultural debate
                          1. with the analysis of
                            1. How texts and discurses work
                              1. Where they work
                                1. with what consequences
                                  1. in whose interests
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