Responses to The Great Storm of 1987

Jack Gumbrell
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Mind Map on Responses to The Great Storm of 1987, created by Jack Gumbrell on 03/20/2014.

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Jack Gumbrell
Created by Jack Gumbrell over 5 years ago
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Responses to The Great Storm of 1987
1 Short Term
1.1 Most household policies covered storm damage, and thousands of homeowners have started claims.
1.2 Warnings of severe weather had been issued, however, to various agencies and emergency authorities, including the London Fire Brigade.
1.3 A few people, such as the writer Oliver Rackham and the charity Common Ground, were active in trying to prevent unnecessary destruction of trees which, although fallen, were still living.
1.4 Trees cleared from roads, damaged housing repaired and power lines re-corrected
2 Long Term
2.1 A great deal of effort and money was put into the post-storm clean-up of forests and wooded areas.
2.2 Took several days and even months before businesses and schools were able to re-open
2.3 Country takes months of work to get infrastructure operating normally.
2.4 Met Office review due to criticism leads to them improving the quantity and quality of its weather observations.
2.5 Computer models refined to improve forecasting
2.6 A number of wild boar may have escaped from captivity during the storm, after enclosures were damaged by falling trees. These boar have since bred and established populations in woods across southern England.

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