Asia's challenged Democracies

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Asia's challenged democracies

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Asia's challenged Democracies
  1. Arguments for and positive outcomes of Democracy
    1. Transparency
      1. Effective NGO's
        1. Equal treatment of citizens
          1. Multiple political parties
            1. Protection of capital values
              1. Which result in economic growth
              2. Preferible over any other options
                1. South Korea, Japan, Taiwan
                  1. but demand for a more effective democracy
                2. 2/3 of the population supports it
                  1. They don't want: -Military rule -Closed government -Unique political party -Repression
                  2. Protection and respect for human rights
                  3. Arguments against and negative outcomes of Democracy
                    1. Democracy as an ideal, not as a viable system
                      1. Priority of economic development
                      2. East Asian Countries were not ready for democracy
                        1. Problems during the demographic transition
                          1. NO supportive regional environment
                            1. Few elements for consolidation
                              1. No prior experience
                            2. Increase of corruption
                              1. No confidence in policy performance
                                1. Result more confident external institutions
                                  1. Japan
                                    1. Media
                                      1. NGO's
                                  2. Increase of social inequalities
                                    1. Slow development
                                      1. Rural migration to the cities
                                      2. Bigger social gap
                                    2. Weaknesses for Democracy
                                      1. Democratic elected governments have suffered
                                        1. Inconclusive or disputed electoral outcomes
                                          1. Political strife
                                            1. Recurring political standards
                                            2. Lost of confidence in democratic procedures
                                              1. Extraconstitutional démonstrations
                                                1. Thailand
                                              2. Strenghts for Democracy
                                                1. Good governance
                                                  1. Political participation and competition
                                                    1. Rule of law
                                                    2. Arguments for and positive outcomes of Authoritarianism
                                                      1. Faster decision making process
                                                        1. Efficiency in decision making
                                                          1. Power in a few hands
                                                        2. Social trust on authoritarian Methods
                                                          1. Military rule
                                                            1. Technocratic rule
                                                              1. Single party-rule
                                                                1. Better experience during the demographic transition than other countries
                                                                2. Perception of the emperor as good
                                                                  1. No matter if local authorities are bad
                                                                    1. Emperor as father of the family (society)
                                                                  2. Arguments against and negative outcomes
                                                                    1. No human rights
                                                                      1. Governmental control
                                                                        1. Social repression
                                                                          1. Nothing can be against the government
                                                                          2. No equal distribution of wealth
                                                                            1. Power in hands of a few
                                                                              1. Followed their own interests, no the social ones
                                                                            2. Weaknesses for Authoritarianism
                                                                              1. No freedom over
                                                                                1. Media
                                                                                  1. Economy
                                                                                    1. Society
                                                                                  2. Strenghts for authoritarianism
                                                                                    1. Rapid economic growth
                                                                                      1. Accelerated development
                                                                                        1. Satisfied society
                                                                                          1. Few possibilities of revolution
                                                                                        2. Influence of confucianism
                                                                                          1. Although many of the Asian countries are trying to get into a democratic system, the prevalent political model is still being the authoritarianism due to the confusion ideas. Confucianism promotes a benevolent dictatorship in which the ruler is seen as a father and the society as a family, therefore there is a need for respect towards the leader.
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