Innovation Without Tears

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Innovation Without Tears
1 Managing Your Innovation Portfolio
1.1 Their managerial actions can be relied on to yield a stream of successful new offerings.
1.1.1 They are aware of a tremendous amount of innovation
1.1.2 The Companies develop their own support with respectable market uptake New strategies High economic performance Skills to: Develop Try In the market every day Innovate
1.2 Innovation Ambition
1.2.1 Innovation New creation that produces value Initiatives across a broad spectrum of risk and reward Greater production throughput in the world. Incremental changes in products Creating new Offers and businesses
1.2.2 The Innovation Ambition Matrix Transformational Developing breakthroughs and inventing things for markets that don’t yet exist Adjacent Expanding from existing business into “new to the company” business Core Optimizing existing products for existing customerst don’t yet exist
1.3 Innovation System
1.3.1 Talent The skills needed for core and adjacent innovations are quite different from those needed for transformational innovations. It uses a process of discovery and development of concepts finds and analyzes social needs
1.3.2 Integration Working with offers that generate profitability Having teams that focus on innovations
1.3.3 Funding It complies with little cash Their funding should come from an entity The Companies can create their own financing structure
1.3.4 Pipeline management It ensures that businesses are progressing as planned It includes mechanisms for monitoring initiatives It includes mechanisms for monitoring innovation initiatives
1.3.5 Metrics It is responsible for measuring traditional financial metrics Stimate how much money the company will make when its innovation is launched in the outside world Improves the team's ability to learn and explore
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