Jimmy's farm

Jodie Goodacre
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A-Levels Geography (Rebranding) Mind Map on Jimmy's farm, created by Jodie Goodacre on 05/01/2013.

Jodie Goodacre
Created by Jodie Goodacre over 6 years ago
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Jimmy's farm
1 Products it sells
1.1 Cheese
1.2 Olives
1.3 Cured meats
1.4 Pastries
1.5 Paté
1.6 Sausages
2 Activities the place offers
2.1 Educational talks
2.2 Comedy nights
2.3 Nature trails
2.4 Woodland walks
2.5 Butterfly house
2.6 Christmas festivals
2.7 Music food
2.8 Gardening
2.9 Halloween week
2.10 Harvest festivals
3 What is the place like today?
3.1 Farm with lots of animals for the nature trail, farm shop with local produce. A 5 star restaurant and gardening and gift shops
3.2 150 acres of farmland - half of which is woodland
4 History of the farm
4.1 People lived here and lived on the land to get what they needed, the land then became unused and Jimmy took over it in 2002.
4.2 People got to hear and know about it through his television programme
4.3 In the past the government paid the people on the old farm not to produce food as there was too much being produced and not enough being sold
4.4 Jimmy wanted to set up the pig farm in order to try and save the Essex saddle back pig from becoming extinct
4.5 Need to make a lot of profit to keep the business going
4.6 To help the profit Jimmy diversified the farm by bringing in new animals and crops
4.7 At first Jimmy took the meat he had produced to London and sold it on markets and street corners
4.8 Soon created a farmers shop so he didn't have to pay the continuous cost of travel
4.9 Cooked the meat and sold it as a gas bbq outside the farm so people could try it out
4.10 Soon after setting up the farm he built a kitchen and a first class restaurant
4.11 Tourism was led by the nature trail and the example farm-like animals
4.12 Animals selected depending on if you could eat them
4.13 Jimmy has a degree and studied butterflies, insects and small creatures and was going for a PHD in this before he took over the farm

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