Lord of the Flies

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Overview of Lord of the Flies, including Themes, Setting and Characters

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1 Characters
1.1 Ralph
1.1.1 Leader Chief Takes Responsibility Investigates the Beast "Im Chief, I'll go" Recognises the need for order "We'll have to 'Hands Up', Like at school." Elected as Leader
1.1.2 Appearance "There was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil" Contrast with the red and black appearance of Jack (The Devil)
1.1.3 Insensitive Doesnt ask for Piggys name Mocks Piggys Nickname Tells others
1.2 Jack
1.2.1 Choir Boy Private School
1.2.2 Violent Becomes Obsessed with Hunting Initially unable to kill a pig Still Goverend by Morals and Civilized rules Overcomes his civilized ways by wearing warpaint Gives into his own to his desire to kill (bloodlust) 'He tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill what was swollowing him up'
1.3 Piggy
1.3.1 Physically weak Overweight Asthma Spectacles Needed them since he was 3 Seen as a Weakness to Jack
1.3.2 Spectacles A symbol of Intelligence Science + Intelligence = Progress Theres no fire without the Glasses
1.3.3 Death leaves Ralph completely alone
1.3.4 Represents Law and Order In the Adult world
1.3.5 Working Class Looked down on by the rest of the boys
1.4 Simon
1.4.1 Moral The rest of the boys act imorally because there are no adults Even Ralph and Piggy take part in the hunt Beleives in the natural value of morality Kind to the youngens
1.4.2 Jesus like
1.4.3 Weak Feints at beginning Hallucinates at the Lord of the Flies
1.4.4 First to figure that the beast is the boys imagination
1.5 Roger
1.5.1 Sadistic Takes pleasure from inflicting Pain
1.5.2 Cruel Tortures samneric Samneric says "Roger and the chief are both terrors, but Roger…"
1.5.3 Bulleys the Littluns He distroys their sandcastles Throws stones towards the littluns Doesnt hit them on purpose because he still has morals Eventually looses morals and hits the littluns with rocks
1.6 Sam and Eric
1.6.1 Twins
1.6.2 Loyal to Ralph Forced to join Jacks tribe Tortured by Roger
1.6.3 Nicknamed “Samneric.” Takes away Inidividuality First used by Jack Piggy is the only one to call them by their real name
1.6.4 When they fight Brother against Brother Things are getting worse between the boys
2 Settings
2.1 The Island
2.1.1 Castle rock
2.1.2 the mountain
2.1.3 Signal fire
2.1.4 Platform Where the Conch is first used
2.2 Based during Second World War
2.2.1 The boys were evacuees
2.3 Published in 1954
2.3.1 By William Goulding
3 Themes
3.1 Good and Evil
3.1.1 Conflict
3.1.2 Jack and Ralph
3.1.3 Begins with Good being superior to Bad This is when Ralph is Chief
3.1.4 When jack forms his own tribe, evil takes control Naval office prevents its triumpth over good, (Jack killing Ralph)
3.2 Order and Discipline
3.2.1 Most of the kids are from a private school with high discipline
3.2.2 No adults on the island Allowing the boys to do what they want
3.2.3 Jack becomes a dictator Piggy is constantly bullied by Jack
3.2.4 Piggys Brains + Ralphs self discipline = Positive achevement
3.3 Crowd mentality
3.3.1 Jack and his choir Become disciplined when hunting pigs when good orginasation is needed
3.3.2 Climax is when simon get killed because he is mistaken for the beast The boys behave out of control
3.4 Conflict
3.4.1 Internal Mental When somebody is struggling to contain forces within them Rogers Bloodlust Ralph when searching for the beast, appears confident but is actually scared
3.4.2 External Phisical Simon being killed Roger throwing rocks at the Littluns

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