Culturally Responsive Teaching

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Culturally Responsive Teaching
1 Designing cultural relevant curricula.
1.1 societal curriculm
1.2 symbolic curriculm
1.3 formal plans for instruction
1.3.1 An important place to show how much you care is while you are formulating formal plans for instruction
2 Demonstrating cultural caring and building a learning community
2.1 create a classroom climate that are conducive to learning for ethnically diverse students.
2.2 emphasis on holistic or integrated learning
2.3 Caring is a moral imperative, a social responsibility, and a pedagogical necessity
3 Developing a cultural diversity knowledge base.
3.1 acquire more knowledge about the contributions different ethnic groups have provided over a wide variety of disciplines
3.1.1 Acquiring more knowledge about different ethnic groups can help create a climate that are conducive to learning for ethnically diverse students
3.2 acquire detailed factual information about different cultures particulars
3.2.1 Acquiring detailed factual information about different cultures does not happen automatically. Like the students, the teacher must be taught about different cultures and practice culturally responsive teaching.
3.3 explicit knowledge about cultural diversity is imperative to meeting the educational needs of ethnically diverse students
4 Cross-cultural communications.
4.1 culture influences what we talk about, how we talk about it, what we see, what we attend to, what we ignore, how we think, and what we think about
4.2 multicultural communication competency is an important goal and component of culturally responsive teaching
4.3 linguistic structures, contextual factors, logic, rhythm, delivery, vocabulary, role relationships, intonation, gestures, and body movements.
5 Cultural congruity in classroom instruction.
5.1 match instructional techniques to the learning style of diverse students
5.2 integrate ethnic and cultural diversity into the most fundamental and high status aspects of the instructional process on a habitual basis
5.3 this does not happen automatically, it must be taught and practiced
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