Black Death 1348-1350

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Black Death 1348-1350
1 Spread
1.1 Originally came from China, spread through trade routes
1.1.1 Hits Italy first then spreads northwards Italy had very high death rate, some cities as high as 98% Logical conclusion was that God was punishing European countries (before it hit UK)
1.2 Arrives in England in 1348 - Melcombe Regis - Weymouth
1.2.1 100 years war ongoing England vs France in 1347 England managed to capture Calais Many goods transported over from calais - luxury goods - cloths etc, good for carrying fleas Plague spread via rats on boats or fleas on cloth. Starts to spread to many ports, then inwards, cases coming from all directions made it spread more quickly
2 Immediate Impact
2.1 About a third of all people died (25-50% accepted)
2.2 Heavily affected Priests
2.2.1 Had to carry out last rites for sick and dying people Picked up plague through this Some church records show some went through 3 priests in a year - usually same one for years
2.3 Ran out of space in graveyards
2.3.1 Had to fill big pits with bodies No effort to face them the right way
3 Types and Physical Effects of Plague
3.1 Bubonic Plague
3.1.1 Big buboes
3.1.2 approx 90% death rate
3.1.3 After 12 hours would have high fever Usually die within 3-5 days
3.2 Pneumonic Plague
3.2.1 Lung Infections
3.2.2 Sneezing
3.2.3 Spread via bacteria in air
3.2.4 Approx 98% Death Rate
3.2.5 After 12 hours would feel effects of sneezing Usually die within 2-3 days
3.3 Septicaemic Plague
3.3.1 Blood Poisoning
3.3.2 100% Death Rate
3.3.3 Could die within 24 hours
4 Spread to Scotland
4.1 Through 1348/49 Scotland quite smug, no plague yet
4.1.1 1350 - Scots attempt to invade England Summer 1350 scot army musters on border of England Some soldiers start to die of plague Soldiers scattered taking plague with them Scotland hit hard in late 1350
5 Problems with treatment
5.1 Practiced 4 humours at time
5.1.1 Plague showed imbalance of more than one humour Had no idea of how to treat it
6 1897 Plague in India - Case study
6.1 Ruled by British - educated in spotting plague
6.1.1 Created plague isolation wards for patients Patients isolated, treated by nurses who isolated themselves Nursed the patients, kept them clean, hydrated and comfortable Hardly any patients died, approx 20% death rate, shows nursing as best cure

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