How does a population changes

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how does a population decrese or increse with limiting factors or different types of situations

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How does a population changes
  1. Population changing in size
    1. Births and Deaths
      1. If more births happen in a year than deaths happen then the population would increase but if more deaths than births happen then the population would decrease
      2. Immigration and Emigration
        1. When organisms move into, immigration which means animals migrating into a new population, or out, emigration which means animals migraiting out of their actual population because different situations may had happened in their last population
      3. Limiting factors in a population growth
        1. Climate
          1. Climate and weather affect how different oragnisms live, grow and reproduce. When temperature is to cold or hot, animals die or need to migrate. Some climate changes such as hiurracanes, floods or tornados can harm youngs or habitats.
          2. Space
            1. Plants need a place with space for their roots, sunlight, and enough nutrients and water. If they don't have those things, then their population won't grow. Another example are gannets, they usually fly over the ocean. They nest in rocky shores, if they don't find space in the shore to nest then their population can't grow either.
            2. Food and Water
              1. Every organism needs food and water to produce energy for their bodies.Giraffes need 10 kg of food each day to survive so if a tree gives 100 kg, it can feed 10 giraffes per day.But 15 giraffes can't survive in this area beacuse they could not feed themselves. That's why their population can't grow.
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