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1 Create something that can be touched
1.1 Carlos made breakfast for all
1.2 Kevin made a lot of money in the contest
1.3 Mellisa makes a dress for her sister
1.4 Mery makes very pretty bedroom furniture.
2 When make is not manufacture
2.1 This morning make a decision to climb this mountain
2.2 Peter makes a choice of his career
2.3 Raùl and Elisa make arrangements to travel to Medellin
2.4 Andres makes an appointment with you doctor
2.5 The lion made a mistake with the Buffalo
2.6 Mr Been makes fun of Salvador Dalì
2.7 EU makes war everywhere
2.8 Santos makes peace in Colombia
2.9 the makes an attempt to save his life
2.10 Ricardo makes a confession to the priest
2.11 I make friends in the new job
2.12 Petro makes a speech to Bogota about poverty
2.13 Albert makes an effort to lift weights
2.14 They make a fire to heat up in the forest
2.15 the doctor make amends to Betty
2.16 Steven makes the bed every morning
2.17 The fish makes a change of Aquarius
2.18 Newton makes a discovery of the law of gravity
3 DO vs MAKE
3.1 DO
3.1.1 It is used for daily or routine work. And we do not know exactly the name of the activity Ann does its homework of the University every day Mariana does good people The thieves do wrong in the evenings Today I hire Josefa to do housework Mery does everything for his husband Charles is doing nothing at the moment Andrew and Stphanie do some thinking Bertha does exercise to reduce its weight
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