Verb Forms

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Mind map of the English verb forms.

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Verb Forms
  1. 1.Present Simple:
    1. 1. Routine or regular repeated actions.
      1. 5. With stative verbs
        1. 2. Present habits.
          1. 3. Permanent situations.
            1. 6. When we are talking about the future as expressed in timetables, regulations and programmes.
              1. 4. Scientific facts.
                1. 7. In time clauses with a future meaning after "as soon as", "if", "until", "when".
                2. 2.Present Continuous
                  1. 2.2.- Changing/developing situations.
                    1. 2.3.- Temporary situations.
                      1. 2.4.- Annoying or surprising habits.
                        1. 2.5.- Plans and arrengements in the future.
                          1. 2.1. Actions happening now.
                          2. 3. Present perfect simple
                            1. 3.1.- Talk about single or repeated actions over a long period of time up to the present.
                              1. ever/never, often/always
                              2. 3.2.- Talk about recent simple actions with a present result
                                1. just, already, yet
                                2. 3.3.- Talk about an unfinished period of time up to the present
                                  1. for/since, this week/month/year
                                3. 4. Present perfect continuous.
                                  1. 4.2.- Emphasise how long an action has being going on for or that it has been repeated many times.
                                    1. 4.3.- Suggest that an activity is temporary.
                                      1. 4.1 Talk about a recent activity when the effects of that activity can be seen.
                                        1. 4.4.- Suggest that an action is not complete.
                                        2. 6. Past continuous
                                          1. 6.1.- Describe an action in progress in the past, often to set the scene for a particular event.
                                            1. 6.2.- Talk about temporary situations in the past.
                                              1. 6.3.- Talk about an event that was in progress in the past and was interrupted.
                                                1. 6.4,- Talk about actions in progress at the same time in the past.
                                                  1. 6.5. Talk about anticipated events that did not happen.
                                                  2. 7. Past Perfect
                                                    1. 7.1.- Refer to a time earlier than another past time, when this is needed to make the order of the events clear.
                                                      1. 7.2.- In reported speech.
                                                      2. 8. Future forms
                                                        1. 8.1. Present simple.
                                                          1. Talk about timetables.
                                                          2. 8.2.- will + infinitive
                                                            1. for predicting something based on our belief or knowledge of characteristic behavior.
                                                              1. for promises, threats, offers and requests.
                                                              2. 8.3.- going to +infinitive
                                                                1. Talk about plans and arrengements that have already been decided. (or present continuous)
                                                                  1. Talk about things that are certain to happen because there is present evidence.
                                                                  2. 8.4.- Will/Shall + infinitive
                                                                    1. Talk about actions decided at the time of speaking.
                                                                    2. 8.5.- Future continuous (will/shall+be+-ing)
                                                                      1. Say that an action will be in progress at a definite time in the future.
                                                                      2. 8.6.- Future perfect (will/shall+have +past participle)
                                                                        1. Describe something that will be completed before a definite time in the future.
                                                                      3. 5. Past Simple
                                                                        1. 5.1.- Talk about a finished event that happened at a specific time in the past.
                                                                          1. 5.2.- Describe a squence of finished events in chronological order.
                                                                            1. 5.3.- Talk about habits in the past.
                                                                              1. 5.4.- Talk about states in the past.
                                                                                1. 5.5.- In reported speech.
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