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Christian Pacleb 10/11/16 P3 Biology Mr. Fulton-Peebles

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Cells Christian Pacleb
1 Purpose
1.1 The basic building units of and structure and function in all living things
2 Discovery
2.1 Robert E. Hooke discovered cells with early microscopes
3 Types of Cells
3.1 Eukaryotic
3.1.1 Animal Cells Has nucleus Contains DNA
3.1.2 Plant Cells
3.2 Prokaryotic
3.2.1 Bacteria No nucleus
4 Organization
4.1 Two major parts
4.1.1 Nucleus
4.1.2 Cytoplasm
5 Organelles
5.1 Small organs within the cell
5.2 Store materials
5.3 Break down and recycle macromolecules
5.4 Maintains cell shape and organizes cell division
7 Organelles
7.1 Mitochondria
7.1.1 Produces energy, through respiration
7.2 Ribosomes
7.2.1 Produce proteins
7.3 Golgi apparatus
7.3.1 Modifies proteins
7.4 chloroplasts
7.4.1 Absorbs energy from sun, used for photosynthesis
7.5 Large Central Vacuole
7.5.1 Gives cell structure
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