Conservatism- Core Values

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Conservatism- Core Values
1 Traditon
1.1 argued against change on a number of groups
1.2 Defence of traditions
1.2.1 liberals - institutions should be evaluated on how they fulfil needs
1.2.2 Conservatives - institutions should be kept as they have succeeded through history and are established
1.3 Conservatism and religious faith
1.3.1 considered as 'god give' for example the monarchy - 'divine right of kings' had much weight in 17th - 19th centuries
1.3.2 old traditions have been replaced with new ones see religious Christian movements in the USA 'Bible belt'
1.4 Burke: "Society is a partnership between those who are living, those who are dead and those who are yet to be born"
1.5 place high value on tradition because it is the "accumulated wisdom of the past' and had been tested by time
1.5.1 institutions have survived because they have worked and been of value
1.6 Traditon also gives an individual sense if belonging and identity
1.6.1 Established customs and traditions are the ones that individuals can recognise
1.7 Conservatives encompasses all those customs and social practices that are familiar and generate security and belonging
2 Human Imperfection
2.1 Conservatism is the 'philosophy of human imperfection'.
2.2 humans are thought to be psychologically limited and dependent creatures
2.2.1 people fear isolation and instability
2.2.2 People seek the security of knowing 'their place'
2.3 Humans are thought to be morally imperfect
2.3.1 innately selfish and greedy
2.3.2 crime is not a product of society but human nature effective deterrent is Law and Order and Punishment
2.4 Humans intelligence is limited
2.4.1 the world is too complicated for human reasons to grasp shouldn't try and change society for good cause what you create will be worse Iraq is now worse off after removal of Suddan Hussain 4,000 killed each year prefer to ground ideas in the past and adopt modest and pragmatic approach to the world
3 Organic Society
3.1 different from liberals
3.1.1 libertarian conservatives have some sympathy to their view Thatcher: 'no such thing as society, only individuals and their families"
3.2 traditional conservatives
3.2.1 believe humans cannot exist outside society "humans are dependant -seeking creatures." have their 'roots' in society
3.3 individuals cannot be separated from society
3.4 social groups formed naturally rather than any form of necessity
3.5 society exists before the individual and helps to form the individual's personality and character
3.5.1 society is a "living organism'
3.6 conservatives see religion as "social cement" as its held together by values and beliefs
3.6.1 Other political opinions Marx Opium of the people Mill Ideas rather than dogma
3.7 believe in respect for the nation and like the family it is formed naturally
3.7.1 drawn together in search of common ground
3.7.2 Marx opinion Sham more in common with working class in other country
4 Authority
4.1 develops naturally like society
4.1.1 parents have authority over children Until we have authority over ourselves
4.2 Should be 'rooted' in the nature of society
4.2.1 Teacher, police, government Emphasis on leadership and discipline
4.3 Authoritarian conservatives
4.3.1 Authority is absolute and unquestionable
4.4 Entail natural responsibilities
4.4.1 Police responsibility is to make society safer David Cameron wants more police on the street than behind desks
4.5 Class hierarchy
4.5.1 reject commitment to social equality creates dependency culture Benefits lower moral Easier to not work than pay £900 month for childcare
4.5.2 People born unequal. individuals rise and fall Depends on persons abilities and willingness to work
4.5.3 Burke "natural aristocracy"
4.5.4 Needs to be leader and followers Ruling elite Oxbridge Public Schools 12% only have working background Sinn Fein members working class
4.6 Paternalism
4.6.1 Look after the people
5 Property
5.1 Range of psychological and social advantages
5.1.1 Provides Security
5.2 Promotes important values
5.2.1 Will value other peoples property
5.2.2 Reflection of your hard work Crime against property is personal violation
5.3 maintain Law and Order
5.3.1 Property owners have 'stake' in society
5.4 Has absolute right to use their property however they may choose
5.4.1 Important to society
5.4.2 Right of the individual must be balanced against the needs of society
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