The Irish Famine

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the famine

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The Irish Famine
1 Causes
1.1 The potato blight hit the Irish crop
1.1.1 They were to late in catching the blight The blight happens quick in mild and moist conditions
1.2 John Mitchel says they died in the hunger in the midst of abundance
1.2.1 He said the lord sent the blight but the English created the famine
1.3 large population
1.3.1 More people needed land people depended on farming for a living Farmers had to subdivide their land 135,000 families had less than 1 acre of land
2 Chronology
2.1 1845
2.1.1 200,000 thousand families lived on less than 5 acres
2.1.2 A new disease has hit the patatos over night 1 third of the spuds were destroyed
2.2 1846
2.2.1 people where starving
2.2.2 Sir robort peel brought over the maize
2.2.3 They had little seed as many seed spuds were eaten
2.3 1847
2.3.1 The harvest of 1947 was a good one
2.3.2 the crop was smaller
2.3.3 Blight struck the next year
2.4 1850
2.4.1 The famine ended but Ireland was never the same
3 Consequences
3.1 Consolidation of land
3.1.1 Farms got larger Landlord were in debt so wanted to sell their land Tenants stopped subdividing land Cottier class almost died out
3.2 Population Decline
3.2.1 By 1851 I million died 1 million emigtated Total loss of 2 million
3.3 Change in marriage patterns
3.3.1 Only 1 son inherited land, but he had to wait until the father died many people could not afford to get married at a young age the catholic church became stricter about courting there was a decline in the birth rate children who did not inherit emigrated
3.4 Political Consequences
3.4.1 Increased republican feeling the irish diospora increased republicanism in usa etc
4 Interpretations
4.1 The government didn't act right
4.1.1 relief measures where not that good with all the money they had they didn't give enough to ireland People were starving Used the famine to facilitate various long desired changes in ireland Tried to wipe out the Irish race
4.2 The government acted right
4.2.1 Sir robort peel brought over maize Set up Relief Measures the government helped to a certain extent soup Kitchen- source of food public works- to help people get money to buy food Work Houses- gives people a home and shelter and some food
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