The Irish Famine

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The Irish Famine

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The Irish Famine
1 Causes
1.1 Large population
1.1.1 In 1841 there was an estimated population of 8,175,00
1.2 Possibly England
1.2.1 John Mitchell claims that Ireland died in the midst of abundance and England created the famine
1.3 Subdivision of land
1.3.1 While 135,000 families had less than 1 acre
1.3.2 By 1845 almost 200,000 families lived on less than 5 acres per family
1.4 Potato Blight
1.4.1 There were 14 partial or complete potato famines between 1816 and 1842
1.4.2 A particularly big famine in 1740 which lasted until 1741
2 Chronology
2.1 1845
2.1.1 in 1845 a new fungal disease struck the irish crop. Ater a while the potatoes turned into a black mush
2.2 1846
2.2.1 Sir Robert peel bought £100,000 pounds worth of mize to send to the irish
2.3 1847
2.3.1 Good harvest but crops were smaller then usual. Known as black 4
2.4 1850
2.4.1 The famine appeared to be over at last
3 Consequences
3.1 By 1851
3.1.1 1 Million dead
3.1.2 1 Million emigrated
3.1.3 2 Million total population loss
4 Interpretations
4.1 John Mitchell Theory- He thinks that England caused the Famine bu buying the crops from Ireland during the Blight
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