Nutrition In Animals(The Centre Node And The Title)

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Nutrition In Animals(The Centre Node And The Title)
  1. Absorption
    1. The Digested Food Which Passes Into The Blood Vessels In The Walls Of Intestine
    2. Fatty Acids
      1. Fats Which Are Broken Into Simpler Substance
      2. Oesophagus
        1. The Pipe In Which Food Travels From The Buccal Cavity To The Stomach
        2. Amino Acids
          1. Proteins Which Are Broken Into Simpler Substance
          2. Food Vacuole
            1. The Place Where The Food Of Amoeba Is Stored And Digested
            2. Pancreas
              1. Large Cream Colored Gland Located Just Below The Stomach. The Gland Acts On Carbohydrates, Fats And Proteins
              2. Amoeba
                1. Microscopic Unicellular Organism Found In Pond Water
                2. Gall Bladder
                  1. A Sac Where Bile Juice Is Stored
                  2. Premolar
                    1. A Teeth Used For Grinding The Food
                    2. Assimilation
                      1. The Process In Which Body Utilises the Nutrients By Building Complex Substances
                      2. Glycerol
                        1. Other Name For The Simpler Form Of Fats
                        2. Pseudopodia
                          1. Finger-Like Projections Or False Feet Present In Amoeba For Transportation And Capture Of Food
                          2. Bile
                            1. The Juice Which Is Stored in Gall Bladder Produced By Liver And Plays An Inmportant Role In Digesting Fats
                            2. Incisor
                              1. The Teeth Used For Biting
                              2. Rumen
                                1. The First And The Largest Chamber Of A Cow Stomach
                                2. Buccal Cavity
                                  1. The Body Part In Which We Chew Food
                                  2. Ingestion
                                    1. The Process Of Taking Food Into The Body
                                    2. Ruminant
                                      1. GrassEating Animals Which Chew Cud And Quickly Eat Thheir Food And Store It
                                      2. Canine
                                        1. A Teeth Which Is Used To Pierce And Tear The Food
                                        2. Liver
                                          1. It Is A Reddish Brown Gland Situated In The Upper Part Of The Right Side Of The Abdomen. It IS The Largest Gland Of The Body. It Secretes Bile Juice
                                          2. Rumination
                                            1. The Process In Which Grass Eating Animals Bring Back Their Food In Small Lumps And Chew It
                                            2. Cellulose
                                              1. The Nutrient Which A Grass Eating Animal Can Digest
                                              2. Milk Teeth
                                                1. The First Set of Teeth Which Grow At Infancy And Fall At Age Group Of 6-8
                                                2. Salivary Glands
                                                  1. The Glands Which Secrete Saliva
                                                  2. Digestion
                                                    1. The Process Of Breaking Down Complex,Insoluble Substances Into Simple And Soluble Substances
                                                    2. Molar
                                                      1. The Teeth Which Is Also Used For Grinding The Food
                                                      2. Villi
                                                        1. Tiny Finger Like Projections Present In The Small Intestine To Increase Surface Area
                                                        2. Egestion
                                                          1. The Undigested Food is Ejected From The Body In The Form Of Faeces From Time-To-Time
                                                          2. Permanent Teeth
                                                            1. The Second Set Of Teeth That Replace The Milk Teeth
                                                            2. Saliva
                                                              1. Liquid Produced By The Salivary Glands
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