Firework Saftey!

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Firework Saftey!
1 Age
1.1 What ages are appropriate to handle the fireworks
2 Danger
2.1 Go back
2.1.1 Dont Touch
3 Sparklers
3.1 Handheld
4 Storage
4.1 Where your keeping the fireworks
4.1.1 Away from young children
5 Protection
5.1 Goggles
5.1.1 To protect your eyes if something goes wrong
6 For Fun
6.1 Be cautious
6.1.1 Dont mess about with friends around fireworks
6.2 Not a toy
7 Distance
7.1 Distance away from the firework when lit
7.2 to be placed in an open area
7.2.1 No greenery or trees in the way
8 Explosives
8.1 Bangs
8.1.1 Noises and Light Eye sight damage
9 Holding
9.1 How you hold it
9.1.1 Where you hold it
10 Types of firework
10.1 to know where to place a cathrine wheel in comparison to a straight up explosive

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