Core Biology (AQA)

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Revision Mind Map for Core Biology with GCSE Exam Board AQA

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Core Biology (AQA)
1 Cause of Dieases
1.1 Infectious Dieases
1.1.1 Caused by Pathogens (Bacteria, Fungi, Virus, Protozoa)
1.1.2 Can be transferred from person to person Contact Spreading (e.g Sneezing) Food and Water
1.1.3 Examples Flu Wooping Cough Measles HIV/Aids
1.2 Non-infectious Dieases
1.2.1 Can not be transferred
1.2.2 Can be caused by Genetic Disorders Cancer Tumors Man-made/Enviromental via Diet Surroundings
2 Fighting Infections
2.1 Ignaz Semmelweis
2.1.1 Research Looking Into Deaths in Hospitals Nurses and Doctors didn't wash hands
2.1.2 What he did? Germ Theory Developed by Lister and Pasteur Antiseptics
2.2 Antibiotics
2.2.1 Developed to kill pathogens
2.2.2 Powerful Medicens
2.2.3 Positives Quick Treatment for illness Multiple antibiotics for multiple illness
2.2.4 Negatives Creates resistant pathogens Can't kill of viruses Prevents development of Immune System
2.2.5 Superbugs (Resistant bacteria) Resistant to Antibiotics Can be caused by overuse of antibiotics How does it occur Natural Occurrence of Resistants Evolution after taking antibiotics How to Prevent Finish taking all antibiotics Don't take antibiotics for minor illnesses
2.3 Research against Micro-Organisms
2.3.1 Safety Sterilization Incubation
2.3.2 Keywords Agar Jelly Antibiotics Antifungal Antiseptic
3 Diet and Exercise
3.1 Vitamins and Minerals
3.1.1 Vitamin C
3.1.2 Vitamin D
3.1.3 Vitamin B
3.1.4 Calcium
3.1.5 Iron
3.2 What humans need in diet
3.2.1 Minerals
3.2.2 Vitamins
3.2.3 Fibre
3.2.4 Water
3.2.5 Carbohydrates
3.2.6 Fats
3.2.7 Protiens
3.3 Deficiency
3.3.1 Lack of energy causes malnourishment Too Fat Too Thin
3.3.2 Symptoms Drowsiness Fainting Physical wear on body
3.4 Metabolic Rate
3.4.1 Chemical Reactions in body = Metabolism Rate at which chemical reactions take place = metabolic rate
3.4.2 Factors Taller = Higher Rate Natural Inheritance Overweight = Higher Rate
4 Immunity and Immunisation
4.1 Barriers
4.1.1 Skin
4.1.2 Tears
4.1.3 Blood Clotting
4.1.4 Stomach Acid
4.1.5 Mucus
4.2 White Blood Cells
4.2.1 Phagocytes - Ingest
4.2.2 Lymphocytes - Produce antbodies/antitoxins Antibodies Each Pathogens has antigens Made of proteins Created by Immune System
4.3 Immunisation
4.3.1 Vaccinations Add dead/inactive pathogen Immune System works against the vaccination Now Protected against real/live

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