Education System in United Kingdom

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This is a general view of educative system in the United Kingdom and other Common Wealth belonging countries

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Education System in United Kingdom
1 Foundation stage (3-5 years)
1.1 Nursery
2 Primary education (5-11 years)
2.1 Key Stage 1
2.1.1 Infants (5-7 years)
2.2 Key Stage 2
2.2.1 Juniors (7-11 years)
3 Secondary education
3.1 High School (11-16)
3.1.1 Key Stage 3 (11-14)
3.1.2 Key Stage 4 (14-16)
3.2 Sixth form (16-18)
3.2.1 Post-16 education Key Stage 5 GCSE General Certificate of Secondary School Apprenticeships & traineeships Level 2 Intermediate Level 3 Advanced Level 4-7 Higher Level 6-7 Degree
4 Higher education
4.1 Tertiary education
4.1.1 Level 4 Certificates
4.1.2 Level 5 Diploms Foundation degrees
4.1.3 Level 6 Bachelor´s degree
4.1.4 Level 7 Master´s degree
4.1.5 Level 8 Doctorates
5 Others
5.1 Adult education
5.1.1 Acces courses University
5.1.2 Open University Distance programes
5.1.3 WEA Worker´s Educational Association Semi-recreational courses
6 Kinds of School
6.1 Overseen by
6.1.1 UK Despartment of Education & Local Government authorities State-funded Schools Fee-paying Independent shools Preparatory school (<13) Secondary school (>13) Grammar school High Education Colleges University colleges Universities Private colleges
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