The age of Revolution

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The age of Revolution
      1. In the northen colonies,economy was based on agriculture and trade
        1. In the southern colonies,the main activities were tobacco farming
          1. Britain held a monopoly on trade,wich made trade difficult with some areas of America
            1. There were political tensions.Colonial assemblies had significant powers,such as collecting taxes
              1. Between 1764 and 1766,King George III tried to impose new taxes on the colonies
                1. In 1733,the British parliament pased the Tea Act,wich gave the English East India Company a monopoly on the sale of tea in the colonies
                  1. This hurt American traders who attacked British ships loaded with tea. This event is known as the Boston Tea Party and was followed by the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War in 1775
                    1. In 1776,Thomas Jefferson wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights
                      1. On 4th July 1776,the representative of the Thirteen Colonies met to sign the Declaration of Independence
                      2. THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR
                        1. It was in (1775-1783)
                          1. The American colonies were supported by Spain and France
                            1. Britain recognised the United States as an independent nation in the Treaty of Versailles(1783)
                              1. The United States Constitution was signed in 1787
                                1. In 1789 George Washington became the first president of the United States
                              2. THE OUTBREAK OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION(1789-1792)
                                1. THE FAILURES OF THE OLD REGIME
                                  1. The old regime was destroyed by the French Revolution(1789-1799),wich had its origins in the failures of the system:
                                    1. SOCIAL UNREST. The Third Estate,wich paid taxes,resented the privileged estates.
                                      1. THE ECONOMY. A tax crisis was caused by overspending on the American Revolutionary War,as well as high expenditure at the court
                                        1. THE ENLIGHTMENT. The political thought of the Enlightment encouraged people to question royal authority whn it was considered unfair and inefficient
                                          1. Attemps at reform only made things worse. Commoners considered Louis XVI's reforms ineffective
                                      2. THE RISE OF THE THIRD ESTATE
                                        1. An Asembly of Notables,rejected reforms on 1787
                                          1. The king then called the Estates-Genral,wich was an assembly of all three estates,in May 1789 at Versailles.People from all three estates presented their problems to the assembly in Lists of Grievances (Cahiers de Doléances)
                                            1. In June,the representatives of the Third Estate formed a National Assembly because they were the legitimate representatives of the French people. They met in an indoor tennis court and took the Tennis Court Oath to stay together until France had a constitution.
                                            2. THE END OF THE OLD REGIME(1789-1791)
                                              1. In July and August 1789,opposition to the Old Regime became more radical.
                                                1. On 14th July 1789,the people of Paris attacked the Bastille.In rural areas,there was a climate of great tension called the Great Fear,when peasants attacked nobles castles
                                                  1. The National Constituent Assembly introduced a series of measures that marked the end of the Old Regime
                                                    1. On 4th August 1789,it abolished feudal rights
                                                      1. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen
                                                        1. In September 1791,France's first written constitution ended royal absolutism,establishing a constitutional monarchy.Legislative power was held by the Assembly,executive power by the king and judicial power by the independent courts
                                                      2. OPPOSITION TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY (1791-1792)
                                                        1. A Legislative Assembly was formed in 1791.This assembly lasted for less than a year:
                                                          1. There was fierce opposition from the nobility and the clergy
                                                            1. These radical revolutionaries were supported by the sans-culottes
                                                          2. THE FIRST FRENCH REPUBLIC(1792-1799)
                                                            1. THE BIRTH OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC
                                                              1. A National Convention governed France from September 1792.The Convention abolished the monarchy,and France became a republic.
                                                                1. The Convention judged Louis XVI for treason and was executed in 1793.Britain and the Dutch republic joined the other countries that were fighting France.
                                                                2. THE REIGN OF TERROR 1793-1794
                                                                  1. The revolutionaries or Jacobines used support from the sans-culottes.The internal threat from French opponents of the revolution led to the Reign of Terror.
                                                                    1. The Committee of Public Safety was established.Robespierre tried to ease the economic crisis by establishing maximu prices for basic items.
                                                                    2. THE DIRECTORY 1795-1799
                                                                      1. A moderate goverment was led by a five-member Directory:
                                                                        1. Radicals conspired against the goverment.The Conspiracy of the Equals,led by Babeuf.
                                                                          1. The royalists also led revolts and counter-revolutionary activities with the aim of restoring the Bourbon dynasty
                                                                            1. In Europe,France won a series of victories against its enemies.Napoleon Bonaparte conquered almost all Italy.
                                                                        2. EUROPE UNDER NAPOLEON
                                                                          1. REFORMS UNDER NAPOLEON
                                                                            1. He became First Consul in 1799.In 1802,he became Consul for Life
                                                                              1. The Napoleonic Code was a legal code thet prohibited certain privileges,allowed freedom of religion,and simplified the range of laws that had existed before the Revolution
                                                                                1. The Concordat of 1801 mantained stat control over the Church,and confiscated church lands were not returned
                                                                                2. THE NAPOLEONIC EMPIRE
                                                                                  1. In 1804,Napoleon proclaimed himself Emperor of the French.He was defeated by the British in the Battle of Trafalgar 1805
                                                                                    1. Britain was now France's main enemy,and the Continental Blockade was an attemp to stop British trade in Europe
                                                                                      1. Napoleon's forces unsuccessfully invaded Russia.Napoleon abdicted in april 1814 and went into exile
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