RS- EXAM (easter yr10)

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Created by tash.rajan over 5 years ago
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RS- EXAM (easter yr10)
1 Ethics
1.1 Sanctity of life
1.1.1 How it Affects other issues. Aboriton issue euthinasia issue
1.2 Marridge
1.2.1 marridge vows + what they mean issues within a marridge and the alternative length and quality of relationsip
1.3 Contreception
1.3.1 Need to know the basics but not very important
2 Philosiphy
2.1 Art and Symbols (not music) what they mean
2.1.1 what art tells us about God/Jesus what we know about God through Jesus
2.2 what God is like
2.3 The "Omni" words
2.3.1 what they are and what they tell us
2.4 The Creed and what it tells us
2.5 God Acting in the World
2.5.1 The Places where God might have acted Lourds Mejdagore
3 Do not need anything on animals,divorce,cosmological argument, design argument
4 (Do not spend time writing out notes read it though and awnser a question) - exam advice from ms.Last

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