Political Opposition- Weimar Germany

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Created by SophieHipson over 6 years ago
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Political Opposition- Weimar Germany
1 Spartacist Uprising
1.1 Karl Liebknicht + Rosa Luxembourg
1.2 January 1919
1.3 50,000 spartacists took part
1.4 Put down by Freikorps and the Army
1.5 Luxembourg + Liebknicht shot dead on January 15th
2 Red Rising in the Ruhr
2.1 Communist workers formed the 'Red Army'
2.2 1920
2.3 Workers in the Ruhr went on strike
2.4 Ebert sent in the Army, but needed help from the Freikorps
2.5 The revolt was put down through the assistance of the Freikorps
3 Kapp Putsch
3.1 March 1920
3.2 Led by Dr Kapp and the Freikorps
3.3 5,000 participants
3.4 Wanted to regain lost land + rebuild military strength.
3.5 Kapp made himself head of the Berlin state.
3.6 Army refused to fire on the Freikorps (Their fellow ex-soldiers)
3.7 Ebert told the Berliners to stop working; Berlin came to a standstill.
3.7.1 Kapp had no resources, and was overthrown.
4 Munich Putsch
4.1 March 1923
4.2 Led by Hitler, General Ludendorff, and had 3,000 SA supporters
4.3 After the hyperinflation, Hitler was confident his putsch would succeed
4.3.1 Prices were still high, and Hitler felt that Weimar had caved to the French, after Passive Resistance was called off.
4.4 Hitler forced Bavaria's leader; VON KAHR; to support him.
4.4.1 Von Kahr withdrew his support at the last minute.
4.5 Hitler marched through Munich, despite the loss of Von Kahr's support
4.6 The Nazis were met by the police, who had been tipped off.
4.6.1 A battle broke out, and 16 Nazis were killed.
4.7 Hitler + Ludendorff escaped the battle, but were later caught and tried.
4.7.1 Hitler served only 9 months instead of 5 years.
5.1 JUNE 1922
5.1.1 Popular Foreign Minister, Walter Rathenau, was killed by the Right Wing. He signed the TOV.
5.2.1 22 Murders
5.2.2 10 convicted with death sentence
5.2.3 17 given severe punishments
5.3.1 354 Murders 326 unpunished
5.3.2 None convicted with death sentence
5.3.3 1 Given a severe punishment

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