Organizational learning and creativity

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Organizational learning and creativity
1 A learning organization
1.1 in which managers do everything possible to maximize the potential for organizational learning to take place.
1.2 Creating a Learning Organization
1.2.1 Allow every person in the organization to develop a sense of personal mastery.
1.2.2 employees to develop and use complex mental models.
1.2.3 promote group creativity and team learning.
1.2.4 Building a shared vision.
1.2.5 encourage systems thinking
1.2.6 The managers will change their management assumptions radically.
2 Creativity
2.1 is the ability of a decision maker to discover original and novel ideas that lead to feasible alternative courses of action.
2.2 Promoting Individual Creativity
2.2.1 the opportunity and freedom to generate new ideas.
2.2.2 experiment, to take risks, and to make mistakes and learn from them.
2.2.3 constructive feedback so that they know how well they are doing.
2.2.4 alternatives solutions and to visibly reward employees who come up with creative ideas.
2.3 Promoting Group Creativity
2.3.1 Brainstorming is a group problem-solving technique in which managers meet face-to-face to generate and debate a wide variety of alternatives form which to make a decision. 1. describe the problem in broad outline. 2.. share their ideas and generate courses of action. 3. not criticize each alternative until all have been heard. 4. Group members are encouraged to be innovative and “piggy back” ideas. 5. debate the pros and cons and develop a list of the best alternatives.
2.3.2 Nominal group technique is a decision-making technique in which group members write down ideas and solutions, read their suggestions to the whole group, and discuss and then rank the alternatives. 1. One manager outlines the problem to be addressed and group members write down ideas and solutions. 2. read their suggestions to the group 3, The alternatives are discussed 4. Each member ranks all the alternatives, and the highest-ranking one is selected.
2.3.3 Delphi Technique is a decision-making technique in which group members do not meet face to face but respond in writing to questions posed by the group leader. 1. The group leader writes a statement of the problem and a series of questions. 2. The questionnaire is sent to managers who generate solutions and mail the questionnaire back to the group leader. 3. A team records and summarizes the responses, which are sent back to the participants with additional questions. 4. The process is repeated until a consensus is reached.
2.4 Promoting Creativity at the Global Level
2.4.1 The Delphi technique is particularly useful when barriers of time and distance separate managers.
2.4.2 under increasing pressure to reduce costs and develop global products.
2.4.3 take special steps to encourage creativity among people from different countries who work together.
2.4.4 have centralized their R&D
3 Organizational learning
3.1 is the process through which managers seek to improve employees’ desire and ability to understand and manage the organization.
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