History Of Australia

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History Of Australia
1 1. Fistly, the farmes though that thay had to many workers
1.1 2. So the farmers decided to order machines and get people to go to the city.
1.1.1 3. So many people left work and went to the city. 4. People went to the city to find a job and had povity and many people died. 5. Many people started stealing because of stavation. 6. So the Govemament of britan raised the laws to stop stealing Many people went to jail for only stealing a handkarchief. All the jails where full of perisoners. So the britan send prisones in old boats to the sea the boates where full and got crowed:ex: you couldn't lay down Then Britan had a fight with America so the land was shared with America so Britan had no room. So thay discovered Australia (But the land had olready being discovered by Aboriginals) The END
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