Needs analysis

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English for Academic Purposes and study skills

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Needs analysis
1 Determining The need for which learners require a language.


  • , needs according to priorities 
2 Starting point for designing syllabuses.
3 Approaches
3.1 Target Situation Analysis (TSA)
3.1.1 Focuses on students’ needs at the end of the language course, and target level performance.
3.2 Present Situation Analysis (PSA)
3.2.1 Language development at the beginning of the course. sources surveys, questionnaires and interviews.
3.3 Learning Centres Approaches
3.3.1 Involves learning as a process of negotiation between individuals and society. concerns learners perception and attitude
3.4 Strategy Analysis
3.4.1 this involves not only methods of teaching but methods of learning as well. distinction between needs, wants and lacks
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