Before the flood Fernanda López A01652050

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Before the flood Fernanda López A01652050
  1. Canada
    1. Canada was meant to be a set for a movie the revenant but beacuse chaging climate; last year was the hottest summer and the snow melted.
    2. Key point
      1. The scientist had thought about the idea the world starts adapting to the climate change.
        1. A example is Greenland, now it's covered in grey snow becasue the snow has absorbed methane gas.
      2. Inside politics
        1. There are many people who aren't aware of the crisis the climate change and try to convence people is a lie; this leads to an uncouncious society and corrupto government.
          1. Now, 131 people inside the congress are against stop using fossil and many of them get money of this.
        2. India
          1. India is one of the many countries that can bearly give electricity to their people, so they are not in the best position to change to a better tape of energy.
          2. Colateral damages
            1. President Obama expressed his concerns about the big amount of population living near coasts because the climate change would mostly affect tose people.
              1. The United States are not the only county worried about this; there are other countries that are already living in those circumstances.
            2. Union in the counrties
              1. Climate summit of Paris
                1. The expected them about taxing the use fossil fuels was not touched but agreden was to keep the temperature under 2 °C.
                2. China & United Stated
                  1. This 2 countries decided to reduce the amount of C02 they produce.
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