Primary visual cortex

Vivian Bruce
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Vivian Bruce
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Mind map of the ventral and dorsal streams involved in visual processing

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Primary visual cortex
  1. Map like representation
    1. Contralateral and inverted organisation
      1. Distorted in favour of the center of the visual field
        1. Ventral Stream
          1. Ventral extra striate cortex
            1. Damage to Ventral ESC leads to achromatopsia
              1. Jonathan the painter
              2. Temporal Lobe
                1. Connecting stimuli to stored knowledge
                  1. 2012 Voxel based lsm study.
                    1. damage to left temporal lobe reliably predicted poor object recognition
                      1. Damage to the base of the right temporal lobe reliably predicted poor performance on face recognition tasks
              3. Dorsal Stream
                1. Dorsal extra striate cortex
                  1. Damage leads to functional blindness
                    1. Mr S - Beach scene
                    2. Parietal Lobe
                      1. Spatial Reasoning
                        1. 2009 Voxel based lsm study
                          1. Damage to right parietal lobe reliable predicted poor performance on mental rotation tasks
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